Implied Topic Sentence

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Implied Topic Sentence

In some paragraphs, the topic sentences are not stated but implied. In the succeeding paragraph the central idea implied is the miracle of the machine age. At times a writer wants to avoid a direct statement that seems forced or artificial. In such situations the topic sentence is implied.

What is implied topic sentence?

1. Some paragraphs doesn’t state there topic sentences.
2. This doesn't mean that there is no total topic sentence on it. 3. The topic sentence is implied or unstated or hidden which mean you have to figure it out by yourself. 

Does, implied topic sentence is a topic sentence that are not directly stated on the paragraph.

Let see an example:

What is the implied topic sentence of this paragraph?

(1)College and university sports team have nicknames. (2) Most are common, such as the Bears, Lions, and Tigers. (3) However, some are unusual. (4) For instance, the University of California at Irvine is nicknamed “Anteaters”. (5) The University of Washburn’s sports team are called “Thunderducks”. (7) And perhaps the strangest of all belongs to the University of California at Santa Cruz. (8) Their nickname is the “Banana Slugs” The implied topic sentence is Some College and University sport teams have unusual College nicknames.


This topic sentence was not stated on the paragraph, the paragraph only show the supporting details about college nicknames. The 2nd sentence tells that most of Colleges and Universities has a common nicknames contradictory to the other next sentences that says some has unusual nicknames.


Give the implied topic of the following paragraph:

1. Sometimes in the evenings, we would sit out in front of the ranch house near the cattle guards and play music. The young wolverillos would gather...
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