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Topics: Africa, Qing Dynasty, Colonialism Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: October 18, 2013
Imperialism brought many positive changes to Africa, India and China. The British brought many ideas. As well as implemented many improvements including new technology and a transportation mechanism. The British improved the lives of many Africans. Imperialism brought great benefits to Africa, India and China.

Imperialism brought change and positive effects to Africa. The British introduced new Ideas in forms of transportation, technology, health care, and schools this greatly benefited the African. The technology that the British brought to Africa was trains that can make trade easier, steamboats to help transport goods, dams that stopped flowing water. The telephone was another wonderful peace of technology that was introduced. The telephone helped with commutation all throughout Africa. In addition when the British came they improved economic expansion by the African goods becoming more valuable. British built hospitals with new medicines that would only suppress the symptoms of the diseases. The British as well gave schools to educate the children and people and to give knowledgeable information to the Africans. The British improved sanitation this was improved by running water and a sewage system. The causes of the imperialism in Africa were the natural recourses found on this marvelous piece of land Social Darwinism, spread of religion and geographical expansion. The natural resources that were found were cotton, copper, iron and rubber that were very much needed to the British. Social Darwinism was the growing sense of racial superiority that the westerners had embraced. The spread of religion was another cause because the British wanted to spread Christianity around because they thought it was the only religion that should be followed. The geographical expansion was rapidly growing throughout Africa in an incredible rate more people came to live there as the colonies became to take over Africa. Some methods to Africa were the economic...
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