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Without imperialism the industrial revolution would not have happened. Many of the reasons were because it required materials from around the world and the laborers to acquire the materials and man the materials. Another reason would be power,there wouldn’t be power without imperialism, North America would never have taken on the same history as it now present. Another reason would be the lands. Everything we know about the Middle East is a result of imperialism. Imperialism also supported the growth of the European middle class. Middle classmen were able to trade and purchase items that could be produced much more cheaply in imperial lands. American imperialism was characterized by the fact that within its own borders are essential raw materials for modern industry. Countries wanted colonies for economic reasons, the need for markets and the raw materials for expansion for land.U.S followed expansion in the 1800 because nation wanted the markets for its goods.u.s didn’t have enough of raw materials and since the class was growing of businessmen and interpreters not enough materials were being made.U.S also needed to modernize their equipment to make there materials. Since there equipment was so old. If more material were being made more money would be coming in.

Nationalism, or pride in one’s country, also contributed to the growth of imperialism citizens were highly proud of their country’s accomplishments which sometimes included taking over foreign areas. As European nations became competitive with one another, there was an increased pressure to practice imperialism in order to maintain a balance of power in Europe. As Europeans took over foreign lands they viewed the culture of the native population to be inferior to their own. During the last third of the 19th century, European nations rapidly extended their control over the rest of the world. European nations could also excert more direct political control. There several reasons Europe nations competed with each other. One of the reasons was because of lands and to gain colonies in Africa. They all wanted to gain power and prestige. More territory that they were able to control, the more powerful and important they thought they could become. Africa was filled with rich resources which could be brought to Europe and turned into manufactured goods. Often a European nation would take Africa territory just simply to prevent another European country from taking it since African goods can be sold in large profits; And Europeans needed markets for their goods. Many treaties were being signed by African rulers giving away most off their rights to the Europeans, but Africans never understood these treaties and did not know what they were giving away. Such in land, goods, or any other kind of resource. In conclusion Imperialism had to happen in order for the industrial revolution to occur. Reasons would be not enough raw materials, so in order for that imperialism had to happen.Moderlizing equipment in their factories will also increase population and money. More population would give you more land which brings us to the second reason which land also gave power and a reason to be important. My third reason is power. Without the raw materials or land you get no power .That’s why it was so important to modernize and get better resources to get land so there be better control and power. The more power you get, the more your land will be known.

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