Topics: Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Sandra Ogbuagu
PSCI 3105A: Imperialism
Sadia Naz
February 28th 2012

Schumpeter and Lenin: Imperialism
This essay will be discussing Joseph Schumpeter and Lenin’s theories of Imperialism in order to understand how they differ from each other, and what each theorist has to say about reasons for imperialism. The goal of this essay it is to compare both authors, in order to interpret, understand and analyze what Schumpeter and Lenin have to say on Imperialism. This paper will begin by outlining each theorist thoughts on Imperialism, following that, this essay will analyse each theory to give a better understanding of the theories and then finish off by discussing their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a general critic. The goal of this essay is to develop a deeper understanding of their schools, and theories of learning on Imperialism while further developing a personal understanding of both their strengths and weaknesses. This essay will be offering a critical reflection on Joseph Schumpeter and Vladimir Lenin`s understanding of Imperialism.

Joseph Schumpeter understands Imperialism as imperfect and irrational tendency to cause war and to conquer with no real goal or aim. Schumpeter believes that this urge to create war is not innate and came from a time in the past were people were warriors in order to avoid extinctions. This mindset to conquer and to war remains even until the present day, but not to the same degree. He also believes that the ruling class sustains and urges along this mentality of war. Schumpeter unlike Marxist did not believe that Imperialism grows naturally out of capitalism. Where there similarities lie is that Schumpeter like Marxists does believe that the idea that class forces play a strong role in Imperialism and his understanding of the class struggle is reflected in his theory on imperialism. He believe that if the ruling class didn`t sustain conditions to war and conquest, that Imperialism would have disappeared by now....
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