Imperial Presidency

Topics: President of the United States, United States Congress, United States Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: April 19, 2005
Imperial Presidency

2 examples from 19th century
- Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus
- Jefferson bought Louisiana, wasn't his Constitutional right - Jackson breaks up national bank into many "pet banks"
- Jackson forced out Cherokee Indians even after Supreme Court decided on Indian side: "Supreme Court has made their decision; now let them enforce it."

4 examples from 20th century
- FDR declared neutrality but sold Destroyers to Britain (Lend Lease) - Truman ceased a steel mill during Cold War because he didn't like how it was running - Nixon ruined executive privilege, kept illegal actions secret until Supreme Court ruled it as a criminal investigation. (Watergate) - Nixon bombed Cambodia without Congressional approval, without congress or people knowing, caused country to fall under communism. - Reagan wanted to fund the Contras in Nicaragua who wanted to overthrow Communist rule, congress did not approve, so he sold weapons to terrorist group in Iran and used the money from the sells to fun Contras behind Congress' back. -After FDR, no other president has approval to declare wars but invaded countries anyway, i.e. Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

5 factors which lead to Imperial Presidents
- The world has become more advanced, Interdependent economy - The changing times causes people to want a powerful president - Foreign policy is main factor, because the decision to go to war (Doctrines) - Gradual change after states of emergencies, i.e. great depression, cold war, and now 9/11 - The belief that U.S. is super power, therefore leader of U.C. should be as powerful - The party system falling apart, party leaders were weak, organizations were irrelevant, and president was the focus due to media (internet, TV) - The decay of parties left him with control of political scene - The change in economy, gives government new powers, but the opportunity goes to President (FDR's new deal) - Nuclear age gave president good reason for...
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