Impact of Merger with Times Bank on Hdfc Bank

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The entire report is made up for support, knowledge, experience, dedication, perfection & patience. For me it’s all about to understand the conceptual how the merger of the bank takes place with their entire motive to provide services to the customers with the main motive to get positive result out of it. The report is specially promoted by a public review, initiated in 2000 by the government. The purpose was to acquire the TIMES Bank to increase the size & the network. Increase the total number of retail customer & their deposits. Main part of the merger gave a huge motive to attract the customer minds through low cost various alternative channels thereby the reducing the operating costs. Merger would increase the presence of HDFC Bank in the depository participant activities. The report outlines briefly the current rules & policies that govern large bank mergers. The financial services have environmental looks like for consumers and then assess the choice, to a great price. The effect of the growth oriented budget starts percolating down the economy, HDFC Bank which is the most efficient amongst private players, would be benefited the most. The report also strongly supports the existence of public interest guidelines governing bank mergers and a public review process of individual merger applications by the legislative committees of the House of Commons and Senate.

Mergers have played a crucial role in developing countries which can be referred to as the restructuring of the banking industry since banking operations have suffered a great deal of protection till very recently. But the continuous innovation in international economics, the technological advancements and the financial crisis that occurred in the nineties have forced the banking sector authorities to change their strategies and liberalize the national financial markets and open the door for foreign competition. Bank merging or bank acquisition over other banks has become a common phenomena occurring hand in hand with the vast expansion of markets and their liberalization.

Bank Mergers is known as the process by which two or more banks unite and appear as one new entity. Merging occurs by adding the active (bidder) bank's assets and liabilities to the target (passive) bank's balance sheet, and acquiring the bidder bank's name through a series of financial, accounting, legal & administrative measure. In some cases, the merge may be enforced by the supervisory authority if it is given this right by law. In case of bank is insolvent or on the verge of bankruptcy, the supervisory authority orders its merge with another bank or it publicizes its ownership temporarily also.

* Legal perspective:-
A. Legal merger.
B. Acquiring shares & assets.
* Horizontal & Vertical Merge.
* Congener Merger & Conglomerate Merger (merge to form large bodies) * Voluntary & Involuntary Merger.
* External Motive:-
1. Technological development
2. Financial liberalization & removal of constraints. 3. Globalization phenomenon.
* Internal Motive:-
1. Achieving Synergy
2. Reducing costs motive.
3. Also taxes motive.
4. Increased return motive.
5. Cross selling.
* Other Motive:-
1. Trying to harmonize with international standards (example-Basel I & Basel II) & other related to the circumstances in the banking industry itself. 2. Establishing massive banking entities that are capable of handling such challengers and dealing with them. 3. Merging is considered as one of the methods to get rid of bank’s excess energy. 4. Merger helps banking system to overcome the problem of the increased number of banks which is result in a decrease level of profits due to...
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