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We need Immunization
In the past we have had several different types of deadly diseases, such as: Hepatitis, Influenza, and Tetanus. Many people have died because of this. Luckily humans have figured out ways to defeat these epidemics and prevent them from happening again. In order to completely get rid of these diseases everyone needs to take these vaccinations. The thing is it cost money to produce and receive the vaccine. According to the “Report of the Joyce Foundation Special Project on immunization” most of the reason why children aren’t getting properly vaccinated is because of financial problems or not being educated enough. This institution found that there was five ways to increase the immunization rates. Educating health care providers to improve the immunization records in their communities. They said Increasing the access of vaccines would also help out a lot. Educating parents about the costs and effects of immunization lets them realize the effects of their children not getting vaccinated. Another thing was to improve the vaccination services. Last thing was to set out campaigns to raise money and awareness about vaccinations.

Most people probably do not think about the importance of these vaccines, when in fact these vaccines save lives. Luckily it is law that before children can start school that they have to have a certain vaccines before they are allowed in the classroom. Which actually is a good thing, it forces parents to keep up with the immunization records and prevent their child from being vulnerable. Again the only way to get rid of these sicknesses is to stay on top of the situation. In other words routine vaccinations are needed to control are destroy diseases that cause extreme illness.

Vaccines have surprisingly been around for long time. The first immunizations that were recorded date back from the seventeenth century in China. They actually used scabs from infected people to help fight against the smallpox disease. This is actually a big deal because smallpox was responsible for about 20% of deaths at this time. Of course scientists have come a long ways since the seventeenth century and now have a better understanding of vaccines, but it all has to start somewhere. Now scientists take the virus that causes the disease, then somehow cause it to go dormant. They then take the dormant virus and inject it into the patient. Which then causes the person’s immune system to build up an immunity from that particular virus (Walker,M John and Ralph Rapley 201).

Some might say that immunization is dangerous and that it could actually harm the body instead of protecting it. In other words people refuse to take the vaccination because they are afraid of getting sick. What people don’t realize is that scientists wouldn’t release vaccines that aren’t well tested and well-studied before given to human beings. Most of the time these vaccines are tested on other animals first such as rats or monkeys. The only way a person could get sick from vaccines is if they had some kind of reaction towards it. It is almost impossible for a someone to get sick from getting vaccinated.

Some common diseases or epidemics that we have vaccines for include: Hepatitis, Influenza, Meningitis, Tetanus, and Measles. These diseases could cause someone to get really sick or even cause death. New born babies or toddlers are more vulnerable to these diseases when compared to an adult. Hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver and most of the time causes flu like symptoms and commonly causes loss of appetite and abdominal discomfort. Influenza which is also called the flu, causes vomiting, muscle aches, and fever. Meningitis is completely different from the other two diseases, it causes inflammation of the protective membranes and spinal cord, it’s extremely deadly and works really fast. Tetanus, which is also different from all the others causes prolonged muscle contractions, such as painful muscle spasms...
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