Immune System and Infection Control Staff

Topics: Immune system, Infectious disease, Hygiene Pages: 4 (1108 words) Published: May 4, 2013

1.1 it is the employees responsibility and role in relation to the prevention and control of infection by: • Ensure personal hygiene is kept to a maximum, hands are continuously washed and are done so before assisting an individual and after assisting an individual and are also sanitised after washing each time. • PPE is worn at all times when dealing with personal hygine matters and bodily fluids. • Soiled materials and any bodily fluids are disposed of in the correct methods and in the correct bins provided. • To report any issues requarding infections to the manager or senior in charge, for example any cases of sickness and diahhrea or rashes. 1.2Employers responsibilities and roles are to:

• Ensure staff have infection control awareness and adequate training. • Hand washing facilities are available throughout the building. • PPE equiptment is available at all times for staff to use. • Correct facilities are available for staff to dispose of soiled and contaminated materials or objects. • Report and outbreaks or diseases which cause a risk to the public and other individuals to the health protection unit and RIDDOR. • Isolate individuals who may be infectous and a danger of spreading infection and arrange for the approapiate treatment to be given by G.P. 2.1 Current legislation and regulatory body standards which are relevant to the prevention and control of infection include: • Health and safety at work act 1974

• Coshh 2002
• RIDDOR 1995
• Enviomental protection act 1990
• Care standards act
• PPE regulations 2002
Local and organisational policiesrelevant to the prevention and control of infection include: • All staff must have the approapite training in infection control • Staff must be aware of measures to take in controlling and outbreak of infection. • All infections which cause risk of outbreak to public must be reported to DOH and RIDDOR • Staff must use the approapiate PPE equiptment supplied and sufficient...
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