Immigration policies

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Immigration policies
Immigration reform is a topic that has been discussed heavily and heavily debated in congress for quite some time now. Which in hand those debates have led nowhere. All we keep doing is just putting a delay on immigration reform, and all that’s doing is wasting money, time, and lives as well. Lets talk about how much money we’ve estimated to spend since our last overhaul… $186.8 billion alone on immigration enforcement, but yet with all that money paying for immigration enforcement it still didn’t keep immigrants out of the United States nor did it convince them to leave. Even after all that money we’ve spent to make the enforcement better the numbers of unauthorized immigrants have tripled to more than 11 million. So no matter how much money we’re paying for the enforcement it wont stop illegal immigrants from crossing the boarder and trying to get into the United States, yeah it might make it harder for them but doesn’t mean they wont find a way of getting in.
Since the 1990’s our immigration enforcement budget has increased massively but has yet to prove any effective methods of deterring unauthorized immigration. Since 1993 when our current method of our border enforcement was first enforced along the Mexican/USA boarder, the annual budget was $363 million and now has increased to more than $3.5 billion. Each border enforcement agency has increased or doubled in money over the years, but still nothing has been done with the amount of illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Not only have we’ve been spending more money on our border enforcement but the amount of lives that have been lost due to immigration is outrageous, immigrants who have tried to cross the boarder but are unable to make it alive. According to the border police they have accounted 5,570 dead immigrants who have died trying to cross the border from the year 1998 up to 2012. It has been proven that most of the immigrants who have died trying to cross...
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