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Ethnicity – Pages 3–5
Immigration – Pages 5-10
Conclusion – Page 10
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James Marty
Professor Clement Mbom
Core 3101 Literature, Ethnicity, and Immigration
*Topic – 8-10 page paper on Ethnicity & Immigration

James Marty
Professor Clement Mbom
Core 3101 Literature, Ethnicity, and Immigration


From the air we breathe to the food we eat, we as people are all the same. Whether it may be light skin or dark skin, characteristics in which make us different on the outside differ, not because we want it to, but because of our ancestral history. History shows us that because of a person’s location, adaptation to that location occurs. For instance, history shows us that people of darker skin are found in countries closer to the equator because more pigment is needed in a persons genetic makeup in order to withdraw themselves from the various diseases and effects that may be obtained from standing in the sun for an extended period of time. 

There are several causes and disparities of external traits or appearances that divide us into several groupings or categories which are called “races.” In other words, races categorize people through socially significant hereditary traits. With the term “races” clarified, the term racism can be better understood. However, this term has been defined differently all throughout history. These indistinct interpretations affect the way one approaches the topic. Racism can broadly be defined as a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement; usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Racism and discrimination being the acts of ones prejudicial thoughts can lead us to believe that discrimination based on someone’s ethnicity occurs everywhere. From the houses or apartments we live in to the shoes we wear anything and everything is a reflection of ethnic discrimination. For example, in America we have a capitalistic economy. In a capitalistic economy entrepreneurs profit off of work done by others who are hired to do the jobs that business owners do not want to do. Statistics show that jobs such as farming, cleaning, plumbing, etc. are done by minorities while the superior race who is usually a white male gains a vast majority of profit due to many hours worked and low pay. 

Racism, an ideology that is taught not born with, is present throughout the labor force. Ethnic discrimination is used to maintain balance throughout the division of labor. As stated previously in a capitalistic economy every job requires someone of a higher position. No matter what job title a person may have there is always someone of higher power. With that said, the workers who usually do the low end jobs are usually Latinos and African-Americans who are a minority race in America the land we call a democratic territory, though many beg to differ. Everywhere we look serves as a primary example to ethnic discrimination. This can be illustrated when stepping foot into a McDonalds seeing almost every worker of colored skin working six to twelve hours, still having trouble having a place to sleep, and knowing that the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald are multi billionaires off of the work done by mostly minorities. 


I am Spanish. I am White. I am Black. I am of Korean decent. I am British. I don’t have race or culture. Comments such as these are every day examples of how many people view their race and identity. Even though many people are unsure of what it truly means to have culture we make claims about it on a daily basis. Some feel they have a race while others simply feel they do not. We include based on who fits into this ideal and exclude those who do not. The fact of the matter is that culture is complex, learned through every day...
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