imagery and symbolism

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Imagery and Symbolism
Many authors use imagery to explain or describe sensitive experiences to the text. For instance, visual imagery, which pertains to sight, allows the reader clearly see the events and places in the entire text. Auditory imagery, which pertains sound and in the form of onomatopoeia uses languages like bells chimed and crows (Atwood, 40). Other forms of imageries include olfactory imagery, gustatory imagery, tactile imagery, kinaesthetic imagery, and Organic imagery. Symbolism on the other side means the interpretation form of an object or ritual used in writing, customs, and arts. Authors use symbolism because they have a deeper meaning. An author may choose to use something like object, word, or an item to signify some idea. For example, an author can use a rose to symbolize love.
Types of Imagery and Symbolism use in the book
American Expansion
Atwood uses American images showing how Americans were invading and ruining Canada. The Americans put missile silos, filled the villages with tourist cabins, and left trashes everywhere. Atwood describes the growth and expansion of American as the cause of cultural and psychological infiltration. The narrator describes the Americans as having brain disease, relating their identity with behaviors instead of nationalism. According to Atwood, an American is o someone who involves himself with unnecessary violence, likes technology, and misuses resources. David argues that he hates Americans, but he likes baseball and he tends to imitates woody Woodpecker. Atwood further describes American expansion as psychologically corrupt and destructive.
The power
Atwood keeps on mentioning power several times in his story to show that he is actively seeking “The power”. In the fourth chapter, Atwood remembers her thoughts that a certain plant seeds will make her more powerful. She also says that Doctors claim that children’s birth was

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