Image File Formats: Its Relevance to Computer Programming of Usant Computer Science Students

Topics: JPEG, Portable Network Graphics, Graphics Interchange Format Pages: 35 (9190 words) Published: October 1, 2012

The research works and final results of this study will not be possible without God’s providence. The researcher wishes to acknowledge with sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the priceless support given by the following individuals.

To Marifa O. Albaño, MBA, our beloved and supportive adviser, for the kindness, patience, guidance and assistance that made this research possible.
To my respondents, for their support and cooperation in responding to the questions substantial information needed in this research.
To my parents, who extended their unwavering financial, moral and spiritual support in this venture.
To my classmates and friends who inspired me in fulfilling and realizing this research.
Above all, to our Almighty Father, who gave me knowledge, patience, wisdom, diligence and provision needed in order to make the research a success.


Name of Institution:University of Saint Anthony
Address:San Miguel, Iriga City
Title:Image File Formats:
Its Relevance to Computer Programming of USANT Computer Science Students

Researcher:Albin B. Robosa
Date Started: April 17, 2008
Date Completed:May 17, 2008

Objectives of the Study

• General

o To determine the relevance of image file formats to computer programming to the USANT Computer Science students.

• Specific

o To be aware of the different image file formats that makes better of the programs made by USANT Computer Science students.



Nowadays, there are many image file formats, also called graphics file formats, which are use in making computer programs. Some of them are commonly and widely used in making computer programs such JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG. In web-designing, we always encounter the JPG, GIF and PNG file formats. In Visual Basic, it’s better to use the JPG because of its quality and size.

Images are only use to the Windows-based programming languages and web-designing. Examples of Windows-based programming languages are Visual Basic and Visual FoxPro. It makes the programs have the best designs and attractive to the users. In web-designing, it helps them to be popular of the sites that they have made.

It is also important to the computer programmers to be aware of the capabilities of the different image file formats. They choose the image file formats that can save size on the disk needed by their programs. Image file formats that are fast-loading graphics in browsing the Internet. Just a few years ago, you probably created and printed a project using only one application. Now, it's common to create an illustration in one program, add to it in another, and then print it in a third. Therefore, in order to freely exchange information between applications, you must know which file formats work in each application. This is especially true when you're working with graphic files.

Keeping current on all the graphic file formats available for one platform is difficult enough for two or more platforms, it’s close to impossible. But technology marches on, and in that spirit we’re presenting some of the most commonly used graphic file formats on the Mac and Windows platforms.

Let’s first discuss the commonly used image file formats for us to be not confused of the terms used that are not clearly to you. I will discus the commonly used image file formats which are BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG.

BMP or Bitmap Image

The BMP file format is available in almost all Windows-based graphics applications, although it's primarily used in Windows application development. The BMP file format (Windows bitmap) is used internally in the Microsoft Windows operating system to handle graphics images. These files are typically not compressed, resulting in large files. The main advantage of BMP files is their wide acceptance, simplicity, and use in...

Bibliography: Date of Birth : August 6, 1988
Place of Birth : San Vicente, Baao, Camarines Sur
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