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Topics: Florence, Renaissance, House of Medici Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Thursday October 19, 1864
Dear Rachel,
As you know, I am in Florence, Italy and it´s wonderful. Being here really helped me reinforce some prior knowledge I had about the Renaissance. It was a time period when a rebirth occurred throughout Europe, but started with the city of Florence. The life in Renaissance Florence was very interesting, as these new ideas came up, and there was so much art and literature. Renaissance Art was inspired by Classical Art, and artists showed daily life things and actions. Something important is that while the Medieval Art showed religious figures and stiffness, Renaissance Art showed life like figure and used the act of perspective. I began my trip around the city with the Palazzo Medici.

During this time the Medici family took over Florence and ruled it. They spent a lot of money paying for art. Also hosted parties or reunions for artists, where these people talked and shared ideas of new techniques in art such as perspective, and how to use anatomy to paint more life-like figures. Perspective was a big change or advance in Renaissance art, as it increased painter’s knowledge about distance and how to use it in their work. This technique is a system used to create a logic proportion between the background and the characters in the painting. It`s amazing, just imagine a Renaissance Palace full with artists and sculptures. And at the entrance a red carpet makes its way all over to some stairs, that lead to the platform, there two gold chair, in which are seated the Medici couple. I knew that these family was powerful and governed Florence for a really long time, but I didn`t know that they encouraged and bought art from famous artists to support them in their work.

I got to visit the Mercato Nuovo as the tour went on. There I could appreciate, and learn a lot of new things that I probably would find boring to read out of a school text book. I learned that Florence was helped a lot in their economy by the industries of...
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