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The Illuminati
Whether the Illuminati exists has been a controversial topic for hundreds of years. Are they really conspiring for new world order? Do the members of this alleged secret society have to sell their souls to Satan to gain admission? I have recently discovered that a distant family member of mine is a member of the Illuminati, so this peaked my interest on the subject even more. Since its commencement, many groups claim to be involved with The Illuminati Order, and solid facts about the group were very difficult to find, but some details have been agreed upon by researchers and philosophers, one being that The Illuminati did exist at one point, ran by some of the most prestigious and influential members of society since the beginning of time. Whether or not it still survives today and the true members that comprise it, however, remains a mystery. It has been said that The Illuminati is a benevolent group whose goals are to bring peace and harmony to the world, it has also been said that the group is powered and driven by demonic forces, only made up of true evil. Not much about The Illuminati can be proven for sure, but some clues have been left behind inducing its history, members and formation of the society, and how the group has influenced, or otherwise shaped, our world history. According to Google Definitions the word “Illuminati” itself comes derives from the Latin based word meaning, “enlightened,” or “people who claim to possess enlightenment or knowledge.” According to Know Your Enemy, Canon law professor and Jesuit practitioner Adam Weishaupt born February 6, 1748 in Bavaria, Germany, founded this widely known movement. His practices began from teachings that he learned at the young age of seven at a Jesuit school. His commitment to Jesuit practice didn’t end there, however. He later attended Ingolstadt University, where he became extremely knowledgeable in the religion. There he learned his worldview in ideologies in which he carried with him for the rest of his life. Several theories surround The Illuminati. One theory of the origination of the society according to Freemasonry Lodge is that the group initiated from the practices of black magic witchcraft. The Illuminati was used to promote and preserve the ancient Black Arts of Babylonian and Druid Witchcraft, secularized by the Jesuit religion. The members of the society swore under oath to keep everything discussed a secret. Weishaupt and his co-conspirators even created code names to ensure absolute secrecy, Weishaupt assuming the name “Spartacus” and another member, “Philo.” The Illuminati even went to such extents as to create their own calendar and code names for various places, to guarantee that where and when their meetings would occur would never be discovered or overheard. Weishaupt divided the society up into three classes—Novice, Minerval, and Illuminated Minerval. Obviously, the members gain “light” with progression up the ladder of the degrees. Advancement in the society, also, came with the participation in drug use, specifically opium and hashish; drugs which altered their state of consciousness. This allowed the members to “communicate with the spiritual world,” gaining perception and intuition in this other “dimension.” These alleged drugs had the members believing that they were “the favored ones.” They believed that those who were not in their order were considered a part of the “lower class” and were their social and, most importantly, spiritual inferiors. The goal of the group was, ultimately, the destruction of all religion and individual government; replaced by only one government, The Illuminati Order. According to Know Your Enemy, another theory of the Illuminati, similar to the theory previously mentioned, yet still very unique, is that the movement started as a group made up of freethinkers. Freethinkers are individuals who believe that opinions should be based on science, logic, and reason and should not be...
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