If I Won 50 Million

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I can honestly say that if I won 50 million dollars in the lottery I would enjoy my

winnings with my family by doing anything and everything they desire. Although

I have given to charity in the past it would not be on the top of my list for things

to do. I’m pretty certain that everyone wants that life of luxury and while many of

us are already living quite well it just may not be well enough. So if you say you

don’t want a life where you can have anything you want in this world and can be

able to provide for your family stress free then you would be lying to yourself,

because most people work hard to support their families so they can at least

give them what they can afford just to put a smile on there face. The sad part

when asking me what would I do if I won 50 million dollars in the lottery would be

that I would also drop contact with the family or friends that have not always

been there for me in the past to support me or my decisions but have now come

out the shadows to try and claim a piece of my winnings. When I move up a little

in society and my lifestyle quickly become a thing of dreams it’s amazing how

people will try to get to you, and if you let them eventually they’ll wipe you out.

So I would most definitely have to get those people out of my corner. Of course I

would pay off all my bills at the same exact time if I won the 50 million dollar

lottery. I would clear all my debt. I would also move out of Arkansas and get my

number changed immediately, although my neighborhood is not a bad

neighborhood. If word got around to quick that I won 50 million dollars it would

not be a good turnout. I would then get me a lawyer, financial advisor, and a

counselor to help me with my money. I would open a home for abused and

abandoned animals and children. I would donate 1 million to my church because

they have helped me at times when I saw no way out. I would buy myself

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