If We Go Through The Poem We Will Get The Glimpse About South Asian Society And Their

Topics: Poetry, Wealth, Upper class, India, Indian subcontinent / Pages: 9 (1477 words) / Published: Jan 27th, 2015
Golam Rabbani

Metropolitan Universiy, Sylhet

Subrata chandra mozumder

Writing Literary Essay and Composition

ID: 111-114-007

Batch: 19th The Poetry of Nissin Ezekiel: A Depiction of Indian Culture.

Nissim Ezekiel is the father of modern poetry who has depicted Indian culture through

his poetry as it is. He has tried to produce poem the way are held in situation and a very

common situation of life. When we read his poetry it seems like our poetry that has taken

from our origin.

Nissim was the first Indian poet to catch and voice these trends in his poetry. As a

modern poet in India, he started to voice his own thoughts and opinions, his own

experiences, which were the experiences of the every man..

In all his creative works he was very keen to select Indian situations and present them

with a purely Indian attitude. He was not for idealism and romanticism, the soft and

beautiful aspects of life. He highlighted the reality of Indian life with its bitterness

,hypocrisy and bits of sweetness through the lives of common people. The characters of

his poems are from different walks of life but without a bit of exaggeration. We feel and

experience the indianness and Indian culture, Indian temperament through each and every

character and situation in the poems.

If we go through the poems we will get the glimpse about south Asian society and

their cultures and politics. Nissim Ezekiel creates an authentic flavor of India by his use

of Indian English. The indan flavor has created by stressing various mistakes which

Indians commit in their use of english. Nissim Ezekiels is entirely Indian not only in

sensibility but also in proper use of Indian attitudes. In the “ Very Indian Poem in Indian

English” the common mistakes committed by Indians in using English and other

Indianisms are freely employed to create the typical flavor with an artistic purpose in a

realistic way.

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