If the South Had Won the Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery, Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: April 24, 2007
If the outcome of the Civil War was different and the South had won the war, there would be a countless number of changes in history. A few of the most significant effects would be the changes of Southern territory, changes economically, and the continuing dilemma with slavery. If the North were to lose the Civil War, the South would unquestionably conquer the Northern territories. With the South conquering Northern states, those states might also become slave states. The South may want the new Northern territories to work on a labor system similar to states with slave labor. Although, the North was much more industrialized and could depend on factories, which was different from the South which mostly depended on manual labor for farm plantations. Another major change would be differences in the economy after the war. The South would not have to suffer as much as they did because they could carry on using slave labor. They would not need to figure out a new system to profit from their farm plantations. The industries in the North would be taken over and would also contribute to the Southern economy. Reconstruction for the South would not take as long because of a well off economy. Also, by winning the war, the South would continue trade with England. That would be a large factor in their economy. The largest difference of all would be that slavery would continue afterwards and the thirteenth amendment to abolish slavery would not have passed. Even though slavery would continue, it probably would not continue forever and would end sooner or later due to economic troubles. Slavery carrying on would harm the economy and would cause issues later on, forcing it to come to an end. If that did not happen soon enough, then someone would have perhaps tried to put an end to it again. That would not happen as soon as the South won because it would take a while for reconstruction and for someone to attempt ending it once again.
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