Idiots Guide to Driving

Topics: Automobile, Idiot, Stupidity Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Idiots Guide to: Driving your Vehicle!
Volume 1
            Let’s get real, you need help! You are a horrible driver and deep inside you know that, or you wouldn’t have picked this up. If you just picked this up for fun, then maybe you need some more idiots’ guides. Almost everyone in America drives and almost everyone in America can be an idiot. So what do you get? Idiotic drivers! That is what this guide is for, Americans who are idiotic drivers, most of driving rules and regulations are common sense; so why are there so many bad drivers? Because there idiots, so let’s get started on helping you become a better driver idiot!

Definition of Driving: “Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a land vehicle, such as a car, truck or bus”. Now does this sound like everyone? I don’t think so; see it says “controlled movement”. Are you in control of your vehicle, or is it in control of you? You need to decide that right now. Your answer should be: “I am in control of the Vehicle and its movement.” If that’s not your answer, then try again.             Start with reading, before you even step foot near a car you need to understand basic rules of the road, if you know the basics then you need to build from there. A lot of people learn the very basics and assume they are just fine and that’s where the idiot driving begins! You need basics, then you need to learn advanced rules and regulations, build good judgment, responsibility, and common sense. If you think you have all the basic and then a little amount of the rest, you can start on the road BUT ONLY with a more experienced driver watching over you for at least six months until you figure out the rest.             Common Sense and the Basics

         Don’t go if the light is red.
         You may proceed if the light is green.
         Yellow light; clear the intersection please. This does not mean speed through it, it means if you see a yellow light you are driving up to slow down to a stop...
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