IDEO Case Analysis

Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Design Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: November 4, 2014
IDEO Case Analysis
1.IDEO is company that is founded on its organizational culture. This culture holds fundamental values that David Kelley brought to IDEO from the start. Values such as creativity, freedom, and innovation are felt throughout the organization every day. IDEO’s process involves many stages where employees are allowed to fail in order to learn and make better products and designs. This promotes creativity because employees are not scared to try new things in fear of messing up or being judged. Teams are created for certain products and brainstorming involves every single person throwing out any idea that comes to their head, which In turn produces groundbreaking innovations and designs. They also promote entrepreneurship and creativity through managerial decisions to not assign any titles to their employees. This enables everyone in the organization to feel equal and contribute to each project equally. IDEO has had great success with this technique and set a benchmark for other companies to follow. It promotes entrepreneurship because employees are more innovative and creative when they feel equal, which leads to new ideas and innovations in the company. They are at the top when it comes to process, organization, and company culture. 2.I think IDEO should accept the visor project on the dramatically tight and reduced schedule. Although they spend roughly double the time on most projects, it could be a great challenge for their team and enable them to learn due to the pressure that will come along with the project. I think if anything, they could try to compromise an in between with Handspring for the launch schedule. Having an early launch schedule could have a negative impact on Handspring too because IDEO might have to skip certain stages of their product design process. This could lead to an inferior product than if they would have a little more time. IDEO is in the business to develop products; so declining this project would be a bad...
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