Ideal Future Essay

Topics: Musical theatre, Modus operandi, Time Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Alexandra Leonardo
English 12
Future Essay

Ideally, my life one year from now will revolve around making my lifelong dream of becoming an actress a reality. As of right now, I am actively auditioning for and participating in my hometown's non-profit theater group, in order to get more experience under my belt before beginning to pursue acting professionally. When that time comes, I'd like to be living in either Seattle, Washington or San Francisco, California. I've made this decision because those are two of my favorite cities in America, and also because my two colleges of choice are in aforementioned cities. I would like to be progressing towards my Theater major, and maybe a minor in either Game Design, Musical Theater, or Original Works (writing plays, films, etc). Meanwhile, I'd like to get some sort of job that will support me in paying my college dues and buying the daily necessities. I'd hope that I can stay in touch with the friend I have now, but also branch out and make new friends in the process. I would definitely like to have more friends that appreciate the work that I want to make of my life as much as I do. Socially, I'd like to try to find a steady balance between work and play. I'm not very social at present time, so I think I'd like to get out more with the people I meet to experience the world in a new light. I don't necessarily need a significant other, but if I find someone who I am happy with and who supports my constant modus operandi of dreaming big and shooting for the stars, then I suppose that would be nice. Overall, I'm not looking to become a superstar whose face is plastered all over the tabloids. My ideal situation would be participating in a thriving theater group, my name and face being able to be recognized by those who enjoy my work as much as I do. I would just like to say to people I meet that I do what I love on a daily basis. Not a job, but a dream.
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