Ice Cream Survey

Topics: Ice cream, Milk, Pint Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Survey Result Analysis
We had a balanced amount of men and women mostly between the ages of 20-30, partake in our survey. However there was a wide range of age from 15-60. Almost all of our applicants were originally from South Dakota, Nebraska, or North Dakota. We did have a few people from California and from Arizona. Almost all of our applicants enjoyed breakfast food with 38 people. They usually buy ice cream in the summer, but 25 still stated they bought ice cream on a monthly basis. Almost everyone said they buy ice cream both at the store, and at ice cream stores like Dairy Queen. 43 of 44 applicants said they preferred to go to a place like Dairy Queen than the grocery store. $3-4 was the overall average that applicants said they would spend on ice cream at a retailer. $5-6 was the average spent at a grocery store. Applicants were about even when it came to the size of the container. We learned that frozen yogurt was a bad idea because almost everyone preferred ice cream over frozen yogurt. A small amount of 10 people looked at the nutrition facts on ice cream. Only 2 people preferred and ice cream with no sugar added. 23 applicants said that they buy the same flavor of ice cream every time. While 21 like to try new flavors of ice cream. It was a very close race between one solid flavor or multiple flavors. The majority was multiple flavors. Another thing that was interesting was the amount of applicants that stated that they like extra toppings on their ice cream. More than twice as many consumers eat ice cream out of the dish rather than the cone. 25 of out applicants said that they eat breakfast daily. 10 said 3-4 times week, and 7 said less than 2 times a week. Over 80% of our applicants agreed that they found ice cream enjoyable. The same amount liked the taste of bacon. About 60% said that nutrition was important to them. About 70% enjoyed the taste of maple syrup. Over 60% were willing to try new foods.

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