Ias 16 Property, Plant and Equipment

Topics: Prayer, Woman, Christianity Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: January 25, 2012
101 Ideas for Women’s Ministries

Success in the church will come only when there are more ministries than programs. People don’t need more programs. They need ministries that will meet their needs where they are.

1. Check the Women’s Ministries website http://wm.gc.adventist.org for ideas 2. Buy a current Women’s Ministries devotional book
3. Plan a “Working Mothers” seminar to help women who juggle home and career 4. Be sure your church has a Women’s Ministries leader
5. Encourage diversity on your Women’s Ministries committee—age, race, education, affluence, and marital—single/divorced 6. Establish a mentoring program in your church
7. Write a devotional for the Women’s Ministries devotional book 8. Teach women how to have personal Bible study/devotions and to give a Bible study 9. Know what skills the women in your church have to share

10. Start or empower someone to start a grief support group 11. Have a ministry for women in your community who have lost a baby—stillborn or by
12. Take time to listen when someone is hurting
13. Begin a literacy or second language program in your community 14. Begin a women’s Bible study group
15. Mentor someone personally
16. Attend a woman’s retreat
17. Help with a woman’s retreat
18. Be sure the Women’s Emphasis Day is on the church calendar 19. Teach women to do breast self-examinations
20. Be sure all women in your church know their value in Jesus Christ 21. Know what the Church statements are in regards to women 22. Be sure the Women’s International Day of Prayer is on your church calendar 23. Invite a neighbor to a Women’s Ministries event

24. Make certain your pastor understands Women’s Ministries 25. Start a car mechanics class for women
26. Disciple a new believer
27. Have a prayer chain—help women know how to pray when they get a request 28. Have an intentional reclaiming program in your church such as Heart Call 29. Have an intentional program for...
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