Topics: Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Group, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: January 13, 2013
I. Company Background
Hyundai Corporation is Korea’s leading general trading company that has taken the lead in promoting export of Korea and Hyundai Group on the basis of solid global business networks. Hyundai Corporation, Korea’s leading general trading house, provides international trade and distribution services for a wide range of products, including steel, heavy machinery, ships, industrial plants, automobiles, electrical and electronic equipment, and basic commodities. In addition to export and trading, Hyundai Corporation has achieved remarkable success through investing in energy resource development projects in Asia and the Middle East. Hyundai Corporation has 34 years of experience in global trades, solid financing capabilities, and unparalleled regional and local expertise through our network of nearly forty offices worldwide. In recent years, Hyundai Corporation has further diversified its business portfolio by expanding into new business

II. Time Frame

Company Name| Founded| Number of Employees|
Hyundai Engineering and Construction| 1947| 22,700|
Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance| 1955| 1,876|
Hyundai Securities | 1962| 1,523|
Inchon Iron and Steel| 1964| 2,820|
Hyundai Oil Refinery| 1964| 1,200|
Hyundai Motor| 1967| 40,900|
Keumkang Development (Department, Hotels)| 1971| 3,836|
Sun Eel Shipping| 1972| -|
Aluminum of Korea| 1973| 258|
Hyundai Heavy Industries| 1973| 21,500|
Hyundai Engineering| 1974| 1,336|
Hyundai Motor Service| 1974| 11,500|
Hyundai Mipo Dockyard| 1975| 2,657|
Hyundai Pipe| 1975| 909|
Hyundai Aluminum Industries| 1975| 527|
Hyundai Merchant Marine| 1976| 1,701|
Koryeo Industrial Development| 1976| 1,313|
Hyundai Corporation (Trading)| 1976| 851|
Hyundai International Merchant Bank| 1976| 121|
Hyundai Precision and Industry| 1977| 10,500|
Hyundai Housing and Industrial Development| 1977| 18,600| Hyundai Wood...
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