Hypertensive heart disease essay

Topics: Hypertension, Beta blocker, Heart Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Hypertensive heart disease is obviously caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure means the pressure inside the blood vessels, which is arteries is too high. As the heart pumps, it must pump against the pressure, so it must work harder. Gradually, the heart muscles will be thicken. Sometimes it does not get enough oxygen because the muscle is too thick. It influenced your heart to pump regularly and its functions. These changes could effect the thickening and enlargement of the heart (left ventricle). There are not a lot of obvious symptoms with high blood pressure and it’s hard to know unless you measure your blood pressure every day. If you diagnose blood pressure early, it could help you to prevent heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems...etc. Therefore, it is very important to keep your blood pressure normal. There is pretty much no preventions to this disease. The consequences will be severe, Hypertensive heart disease can lead to: Heart failure Heart beats abnormally

Heart does not get enough oxygen
Heart attack
Heart suddenly stops working
Stroke and sudden death may also occur
The middle aged people and elders are the high-risk groups for the hypertensive heart disease and high blood pressure. Because their heart had worked for them none-stop for a long time, therefore from the diagram you could see that for an hypertensive heart, its left ventricle had been enlarged and the walls had been thickened. From the diagram, you could see the difference between normal heart and a hypertensive heart. In 2001, hypertensive disease caused about one-third of all mortalities, with about 85% of these deaths in low to middle income countries. (Anon, 2014) Heart attacks effects 12.7% of the world’s population. In China, 48% of the adults and 79% of the elders suffer from high blood pressure. From these statistics, you could see that high blood pressure is a huge problem and a critical issue....
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