Hurry Date Case Solution

Topics: Online dating service, Dating, Revenue Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Hurry Date, a small & privately owned company, is one of the America’s leading provider of speed dating with a strong brand recognition. It’s an online version of traditional round-robin speed dating. It operates a website to screen singles looking to mingle. The range of service it provides are, online match-making, personal browsing and event hosting. It does this by hosting round-robin meeting event for potentials dating candidates. This is where they make money by charging customers for each person they meet. Online Speed Dating industry addresses most of the concerns the customers have by making it fast, fun, cheap, pro-networking, flirtatious, cherished, preference based & not forced upon. HurryDate in particular uses short date (only 3 minutes), virtual team, and training, performance evaluation of hosts to provide quality service. Its decentralized operations through hosts and centralized database are strategies to manage operations. This eliminates the need of fixed cost1. And subsequently they don’t have to rely more on credit. This coupled with media exposure, growing age group, sufficient site functionality, well organized events (leading to word-of-mouth), multiple revenue sources (dating website, speed dating events, subscription fees), Free-Party guarantee, sponsorships and partnerships are keys to HurryDate’s success. However these partnerships comes with a caveat: Poorly chosen partner will not only eat on resources but also the funds & the user base. The number of online users grow with the growing population on daily basis. This isn’t considered while graphing the usage of online dating site2. Hence we cannot conclusively derive that industry conversion rate is falling for speed dating online users. Specific information on % of total number of online users aged 20-29 can help the analysis. Also, these conversions rates can be increased by addressing issues of expense, effectiveness, privacy & trust. The issue of...
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