Hurricane preparedness Invitational Speech Outline

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Invitational Speech Outline

Name: Stephanie Jonson
Date: April 23, 2015
Topic reviewed: _____

Topic: Hurricane Preparedness

Purpose: To invite

Specific purpose: To invite my com. 2211 class about how to prepare for a hurricane

Thesis: I like to invite you to explore with me three ways you can get prepared for a hurricane, First have a disaster kit put together, secondly you will have to take cover during the hurricane, and lastly after the hurricane, asset the damages it has caused. Introduction:

I. Attention: Have you ever been in a hurricane? Well I have experienced hurricane Ivan which instead of leaving, I've chose to stay and ride it out. Ivan swept through the Gulf of Mexico landing near the Alabama-Florida border, as a category 3 with winds of 120 mph on September 16th 2004 according to It sounded like a freight train coming through as the winds pounded against the house. Small tornadoes whipped through which up rooted big tress and blew out windows in my area. It was a disaster area after the storm. My heart fell out my chess thinking this was my last night.

II. Reveal topic: As a survivor, I realized that I was not prepared for this hurricane and I didn't have a lot of things like food, water, and personal items together that I needed in order to last for the coming days, or weeks after this storm.

III. Credibility: Personally having lived through this hurricane and doing some research, I have found some good information to share with you in case you find yourself stuck in a situation like I did.

IV. Preview:As I said before, I like to invite you to explore with me three ways you can better prepare yourself for a hurricane, First have a disaster kit put together, secondly you will have to seek shelter during the hurricane, and lastly after the hurricane, how you can recover from damages made by it.

I. Preparing the disaster kit before the hurricane such as food.
A. According to a basic disaster supply kit you will need is household items.

1. You will need food such as non-perishables, granola
bars, hard candies, nuts and dry cereal to name a few 2. Choose food that your family will eat, examples are salt-free, whole grains, and can goods with high liquid content are a good choice.

3. Other supplies will be needed like batteries, flashlight, first aid kit, manual can opener, cooking utensils, pots and pans, a grill with charcoal and lighter fluid, generator on hand.

B. One important source you will need to have in a disaster kit is plenty of water.

1. According to Fema clean drinking water may not be available. It could be cut off and/or contaminated.

2. You should store at least a gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation according to Fema.

(transition) Next I will tell you ways you can evacuate or stay safe during a hurricane.

II. Seeking shelter during a hurricane.
A. Preparing to evacuate in the event of an hurricane.
1. According to Fema you should choose several
destinations in different directions so that you have the option to know your routes to get to your...

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Audience analysis information:
In the space below discuss how have you tailored your speech for this particular audience and situation. Include specific demographic, environmental and audience expectation information you considered important to this speech. I
My audience includes ages ranging from 18 to 42 and a mixture of male and females.
My environment involves…bright lighting, plenty of chairs in a row for my audience to sit. I have a computer to do a power point that is available for me to use.
Audience expectations for this speech include …being able to invite them in discussion about Hurricane Preparedness and how credible this information is to them. They might expect for me to speak clearly and explain my speech. That I am dress appropriately for this occasion.
Choices I 've made include…to invite them how I will deliver my speech in topical order. Practicing my speech in the mirror.
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