Hunters in the Snow

Topics: Self-esteem, Salem witch trials, The Reader Pages: 6 (2167 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Mark E.
English Composition 1102
Fiction Writing Assignment
Chapter 1 – “Hunters in the Snow”
1. Discuss the way Tub is presented in the opening scene. Does your assessment of his character change in the later scenes? The character of Tub was presented in the opening scene as someone who would not stand up for himself and was willing to be ridiculed and made fun of to be part of a group. He allowed his friends to take advantage of him by making him wait over an hour in the cold and snow, accepting this behavior without even an apology. Tub was a character with low self esteem and was embarrassed of his weight, which allows him to make excuses and lie to everyone. The assessment of Tub did not change at the end of the story. He was still the same character as in the beginning. He moved up in his position as friend to Frank which made him feel better, but at the expense of Kenny’s health. Tub still had low self esteem, but he ended up acting as selfish as Frank. Chapter 2 – “How I Met My Husband”

4.  Is Edie a sympathetic character? How does her status as “the hired girl” affect the way you respond to her as a reader?  Edie was a sympathetic character. Her self-described title “the hired girl” affects the reader’s response as it portrays her with low self esteem. She comes across as not fitting in because she was not in the same social standing as Dr. and Mrs. Peebles. The reader becomes sympathetic with Edie compared to the other characters due to her being a simple girl, humble and naïve. Edie’s status as the “hired girl” makes the reader respond more affectionately towards her. She comes across as very relatable, someone who was not as confident or poised as Mrs. Peebles, but as the reader continues through the story, they realize how strong and capable Edie had become. Chapter 2 – “Eveline”

3. At just about the middle of the story (end of paragraph 9), Eveline sums up her life in Dublin. “It was hard work-a hard life-but now that she was about to leave it she did not find it a wholly undesirable life.” What about it makes it attractive to her? The way Eveline sums up her life in Dublin. “It was hard work-a hard life-but now that she was about to leave it she did not find it a wholly undesirable life.” Eveline was having a fear of the unknown. Even though she could not describe herself as happy in her life, at least it was familiar, and many parts are comforting to her. Even as hard as her life was, she was torn about leaving her family, her abusive father, and the comfort of the home she’s always known. She remembers how life used to be before her mother’s passing. Though she believed she would have a good life with Frank and would be respected as his wife. Chapter 3 – “Everyday Use”

6. Is Dee wholly unsympathetic? Is the mother’s victory over her altogether positive? What emotional ambivalence is there in the final scene between Maggie and her mother in the yard?
The character of Dee was not totally unsympathetic. She was written with an attitude of being better than her mother and sister; she also came across as a character that just wanted a better life than the one she had growing up. Her mother should want her daughters to strive for a better life than the one she had. The mother’s victory over Dee cannot be viewed as totally positive. There are some positive aspects such as the mother finally standing up for her other daughter, but it can’t be viewed as totally positive when a mother hurts her daughter’s feelings. Chapter 3 – “The Story of an Hour”

3. Describe the plot structure of this brief story. How does the surprise ending relate to the story’s theme?
The newspaper office reported that Mr. Mallard died in a train accident and it was reported to Mrs. Mallard sister Josephine. She broke the news of the tragedy to her sister as gently as possible, since Mrs. Mallard had a heart condition. Mrs. Mallard filled with despair headed to her room to grieve the death of her...
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