hunger in america

Topics: Poverty, Malnutrition, Starvation Pages: 6 (2033 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Hunger is big problem in America that no one can ignore.

From the data showed in the survey which is provided by the United States government, we should realized that there are around 50 million American struggling with hunger - which means that they can't fill their stomachs even they tried every methods to live. Almost one in six Americans can't feed themselves, which is totally astonishing and beyond our imagine.

Among the big number of the poverty, one in three of them is children. They belong to the weak community that can't work, can't read, can't protect themselves. Even some of them are still too young to speak. They are innocent orphans or nearly-orphans which means that they have parents but their parents can't afford their own daily necessities. These poor children have no access to those fine food that makes you happy, they have no keys to those beautiful house which provide you shelter and warm in the winter, they even have no chance to compulsory education which is offered by the state government. Those are just some basic stuffs we are used to, but they don't.

The scene of hunger can be thrilling and unbelievable. But remember that: Working together, we can do something to kill the hunger in the world. There are a lot of things we can do. There are and there will always be until the day no more hunger exists.

We can figure out something more suitable and convenient for us to do. Killing hunger can't only play as a slogan. There are truly many great projects aimed at ending hunger, but sometimes they are too far from our daily life. Those HELP organizations could send a team of humanitarianism rescuers to help, but most of us still have our own mouth to feed, we have to keep our own jobs. We are supposed to have some creative ideas for supporting the poor around our own communities first. It could be hard because after so many years, the welfare system has evolved, which means the officials have do many different things and might not leave so much 'easy' stuff for us. Before I list some tips for us to do, let's learn some from my home country, whose culture and economic environment is quite different from the United States.

Chinese usually have a different way to express their thoughts, so is in providing help. In contrast with the American way - which is always delivering the finical aid or food aid directly, we Chinese prefer to make those who need help feel it and learn to earn it.

Chinese are mostly not that direct like Americans can be. When seeing someone is in trouble, a American may get over there and ask what he can do for that man, which is direct and active. But, that man might want to fight for his own. The harsh hand could be embarrassing. While, on the contrary, a Chinese, if he decide to help that man, he might stand there for a while making sure what's wrong there and that he can offer some help while "saving that man's face". Then, he could do it more confidently and efficiently. Or he could ask somebody else to help.

Right in the community I lived, there is a voluntary program named "work for food"-you can do some easy works like helping send mails or trimming those two shrubs on the platform for a meal and some changes. This program sounds normal but it has done quite a lot for the locals. There a lot old men who are used to writing but typing can even hardly go to the post office to sending mails. It could be a big challenge for them. While, they will post a message on the blackboard which contains their need, address and the pay-back. Then, somebody may be happy to give a hand and earn a good meal. I don't know when this program started. But one thing I can be sure is that there we treat everybody as families. Because we believe the poverty for those who can't feed themselves is just temporary. Some day, we could share the same food and we know our little friendliness do help.

Some organizations offer necessary education and some useful skills. According to my own...
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