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HOW DOES SUZANNE USE WRITING TECHNIQUES TO PORTRAY THE MAIN THEME OF POWER THROUGHOUT THE BOOK? ‘The Hunger Games’ is classified as a science fiction novel and is the first book out of the hunger games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins in 2008. The Hunger Games tells the story of a post – apocalyptic nation called Panem. 12 districts are ruled by the capital and forced to compete in an annual televised event known as ‘The Hunger Games’ as a punishment for the rebellion taken against the capital in previous years. Children from each district aged 12-18 go into a lottery each year and the 2 unlucky names pulled out will be the tributes of their district. After strenuous training they must enter the area and fight for their survival. The last person standing will become the victor. Throughout the novel you follow the courageous struggle of the two tributes from district 12 and the fight for their survival during their experience in the hunger games. The Hunger Games presents many themes throughout the whole of the novel; some more hidden than others. The most obvious and important theme would be power as it is portrayed in many ways. The first instance of power would be the power that the capital has over the rest of the districts. The Capital holds most of the nation’s wealth; therefore the government is in control of food and basic supplies that each district gets provided with. The amount is decided on the behaviour of the citizens. For example if there was to be any trouble in a district the amount of supplies would be limited, this technique of control keeps the districts from rebelling. The Games are the ultimate display of power; tributes are forced to kill each other since only one can be left standing. This prevents the districts joining forces and rebelling against the capital as they are too busy fighting amongst themselves. “Taking the kids from...
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