Humanity: the Strive for Perfection

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When you hear the word perfection, what is the first image that pops out of your mind? Is it the bright, shiny, twinkling smile of Ian Somerhalder or is it the sexy body of Megan Fox? Or perhaps is it just the cute face of your crush in one of your classes? Or maybe the simple concept of having complete and functional limbs is enough for you to be considered perfect already. For Merriam Webster, perfection is the freedom from fault or defect – or just plain flawlessness. As for most of the people, they view perfection as someone having a face which resembles a Greek god; or somebody who has immaculately fair, white skin similar to an angel that fell from the heavens. They consider someone perfect if he has the ability to make their jaw drop by just merely passing in front of them; or if he could stun their eyes until they would look like perverted statues. As for me, my view on physical and aesthetical perfection is simple; it is the overall term for the desperate search of humans for flawless beauty – beauty that would make them satisfied about their own appearances; beauty without any marks of failure, defect, or imperfection.

Throughout history, people have been obsessed with the idea of perfection and a society without any defects and flaws that they are willing to pay any price just to achieve it. What do you think is the main cause why millions of people spend great portions of their money for make-up kits and various beauty products? Why do they visit beauty salons, cosmetic surgeons, and gyms as much as possible? Why do you think people spend long periods of time fiddling with their hair and painting their faces with make-up? Yes, this is all because of perfection: their struggles of achieving it. People have always wanted to have a beautiful face, perfect body shape, and fair skin complexion – all of these at once, and they are ready to pay any price. Just a little hair that grew out of place or a pimple on the face that came uninvited – it would be considered as a flaw and they would be itching to get rid of it at once. But why does perfection make this great impact on our lives? Have you ever stopped and wondered why are we so crazy on making ourselves look good?

With the prying and judging eyes scattered everywhere, being self-conscious is almost natural. This is one of the reasons why we push ourselves as far as we can to reach perfection: the fear of being judged. We are so self-conscious that the thoughts of other people on us – admit it or not – are our top concerns. Especially if we are meeting a person for the first time; we do our best to groom and dress ourselves to impress, right? And also – admit it too or not – we start criticizing people from the very first glance, from the very moment our eyes laid upon their presence. Because of this, most of the people spend a large share of their time styling their hair until they think it passes the standards of society. We also pick the best shirt just to leave a good first impression; because most of the time, this is the basis on where people would categorize you – just like how taxonomists group animals. Wear anything less than acceptable; then congratulations – you blew up your chance of having a new friend. Society has these little boxes where they put different people in, depending on the standards they have set – if you luckily pass them. I admit that I do this to people I meet on the streets but without saying it out loud, of course. Like when I see girls wearing very short skirts, I automatically put them in the “slut-box”. And when I see boys wearing formal suits, I instinctively put them in the “rich-box”. And there also some other people who put boys who they think move weakly and lamely in the “gay-box”, even though it is not those boys’ fault they are like that. So we, afraid of being put in the wrong box by people and of having wrong first impressions, try our best to look as pleasing as possible.

Look in the mirror. Examine every feature...
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