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Humanistic Theory

By iamredeemed Mar 31, 2011 363 Words
Humanistic theory
Humanistic theory is believed to be a behavior based upon the idea that people has the potential to make great contributions to society. Therefore, in order to do so they should be a good and loving person. Psychologists believe that if people fulfill needs such as; physiological needs, these needs include the basic needs that are essential to survive, such as the need for food, water, sleep and air. Another need is security; security needs are important to survival but may be not as demanding as physiological needs. Another need is social, social needs, helps with love, affection and acceptance. After the first three needs have been fulfilled, next comes self-esteem, and this need is very important because it measures the way a person think of his or herself, how they socialize and how they handle accomplishment. The most important need in humanistic theory is self-actualizing. With this need, people are concerned more about their personal growth and fulfilling their potential, and less concerned about what others think. Humanistic theory is about the development of a person. Therefore, if a person develops all the above needs they can live a good and healthy life. Trait Theory

A trait is a characteristic way in which an individual feels, acts and believe. Unlike humanistic theory, which focuses on the person and their take of the meaning of life, traits are inherited. One can describe a person trait in many terms, for example, nervous, depressed, have a good sense of humor, shy, moody sociable, unsociable quiet, even-tempered, lazy, impulsive, Personalities 3

thoughtful, outgoing, carefree and a good leader, to name a few things can be inherited. Never the less even though we think that traits are inherited and heredity might play a very important part in personality traits, a person can choose their own course of action, by their learning experiences and developing skills. We tend to explain people behavior by their traits. For example, if a student were always late in turning in assignments, we would say the student is lazy or irresponsible. In conclusion, unlike humanistic theory the trait approach to personality focused on the differences between individuals.

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