Human Rights and Freedoms

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Human Rights and Freedoms
Universal, indivisible and independent, human rights are what make us human. When we speak of the right to life, or development, or to dissent and diversity, we are speaking about the rights of the people who walk down the street every day. Without the rights and freedoms, we can be certain of none. Beginnings of today’s rights started in the period of the Roman Empire. Antiquity has significantly contributed to the development of education and raised the level of life of civilisation. In the first century during the major Rome crises was formed Christianity. Then was gradually formed the Church. Inculcation of the human heart and conscience has been presented in those times by Aurelius Augustinius. We can consider those facts as the idea for the birth of human rights and freedoms. However, the actual first written sources become from 1215 known as Magna Carta. Magna Carta became the basic of English and American law. It forms the fundamental of law of English monarchy. In additional, it established that no one shall be persecuted or arrested without legal appeal. The Act prohibits the king that without the permission of aristocracy, can not declared emergency duty. Magna Carta for the first time in the history limited the power of the monarch towards the subjects. It set the foundation for an individual’s rights development. Traditions of parliamentary debate developed into the concept of balancing the rights and responsibilities of a person, and a society. The need for recognition of human rights is manifest after the Second World War, after Holocaust, after the Nuremberg Trials, and a statute was accepted by the International Military Tribunal in 1945. Since then it has taken a number of documents, whether already by the United Nations, by the Council of Europe, or at various conferences. More than fifty years ago Britain helped to enshrine our basic liberties into the European Convection on Human Rights (ECHR).

At the present we define human rights as, “the authorisation granted to individuals, enabling them to fully use their abilities, intelligence, talent and knowledge to meet their spiritual and other goals and desires. These are so important of dignity and authenticity of human beings that they should be respected by each government. The European Convention of Human Rights in one of the earliest and most important treaties passed by the Council of Europe. The Council is quite separate from the Europe Union. It has own Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. European Convection consist of sixteen basic rights which describe equal rights and freedoms for everybody by the fact of being human and without distinction of any kind of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions. However, many people have always suffered from the lack of them throughout history. V skutočnosti, nedostatok ľudských práv má mnoho účinkov na ľudí život. In fact, the lack of human rights has a lot of effects on people lives. Mentioning the history, one of the oldest freedoms is freedom of speech. The major limitation of this freedom is the law of slander, including using insulting language in public. As I said before, Christianity has its origins from the ancient times of the era of the Roman Empire, which means that freedom of religion is also one of those earlier rights. Besides the oldest rights and freedoms is gradually formed even more. Freedom of movement whether freedom of assembly, and others which builds a shape of society. Each of them has their roots anchored in the distant past. The right to free speech is one of the most precious rights an individual has as a citizen. This right gives people the opportunity to speak their mind, ideas and give their opinions of what they think should happen. These rights have been questioned throughout history, and have produced positive but also negative things in a lot of cases. One of those negative...
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