Human Resource Management: and the Sugar Factory.

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Delbert Lammers
Human Resource Management: BUS 303
Human Resource Management, and the Sugar Factory
Beverly Williams: Instructor
August 30th, 2010

Human Resource Management: And the Sugar Factory
Have you ever hired someone to work for you? If you have ever went to a dentist or a doctor, or had your car serviced or repaired, or hired someone to mow your lawn, then you have used some form of Human Resource Management (HRM) skills, when hiring these people. Perhaps you simply relied on word off mouth when choosing a company or person to work for you, or perhaps it was the way they dressed and spoke that persuaded you to hire them. Then again, you may have needed more information to make a decision, and so you did a credit and background check, along with an in person interview. These are all skills that Human Resource Management people use on a daily basis to make sure they are making the right choices for their organizations. In this paper I will discuss my organization,and several different aspects of human resource management, and what impact they have on my organization. First of all let's define HRM. There are many different ways to define HRM, but in essence it is the process of deciding what an organizations human resource needs are and then finding the best people to fill those needs. Once the right people have been hired, it is also the job of the HRM to help motivate these people to give their best efforts by providing them with the right incentives and job environment in order to achieve their organizational goals. My Organization

For the purposes of writing this paper, 'my organization' shall refer the Snake River Amalgamated sugar factory located in Nyssa, Oregon, where I worked for several years, and still have family members and friends working there. The Amalgamated Sugar company is a sugar beet refining company. The actual sugar beet refining only takes place during what they call the campaign season, which starts after the first frost in the fall, and usually ends after March or April the following spring. The company was founded in 1897 in Logan Utah (Bachman 1962) , and is now headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The company was started and operated by members of the Mormon church. The Mormon church actually owned controlling interest in the company from 1914 until 1942. The company has grown steadily over the years, and now has sugar manufacturing plants through out many of the western and mid-western states. It is the second largest producer of sugar in the United states. The company is partially owned by the Pepsi Bottling Ventures company which uses vast amounts of their sugar to sweeten it's soft drink products. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1950 ( I was born in Nyssa that same year). Because of labor shortages during world war II, “Mexican Nationals” and “Japanese evacuees” were used as field laborers by the company until the war ended. As far as sugar beet refining factories go, the one in Nyssa is one of the smallest. It sits on the eastern edge of town, just two-hundred yards from the Snake river which acts as the border between Idaho and Oregon, until the Columbia river takes over the job about a hundred and fifteen miles northwest of Nyssa. Most of the factory, including the front, where the main offices are located, is made of red brick which was laid in 1937, (Bachman, 1962). Over the years, many parts of the factory have been upgraded or 'modernized,” yet it has always kept it's red brick facade.

It has always been, as far as I can remember, a very dirty, smelly, and often times, dangerous place to work. In the winter time most parts of the factory are cold and drafty, while during the summer months it is often very hot and humid. Neither the union (the Teamsters) nor the HRM people have done much to improve the deplorable working conditions at the factory. During the winter months when the campaign season is in full swing, the entire town...

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