Human Relations

Topics: Alcoholism, Alcohol, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Human Relations

Review of “Perfectionism, Perceived Stress, Drinking to Cope, and Alcohol-Related Problems Among College Students.” This article studies how stress and personality traits cause alcohol abuse in certain groups of people, specifically in college students. It states that perfectionism resulting in higher levels of stress is the main reason for alcohol problems. According to the article, perfectionism is highly associated with the risk of drinking alcohol to cope with stress and alcohol abuse. Furthermore, article divides perfectionism into three groups, each of which have different levels of stress and alcohol abuse: adaptive, maladaptive and nonperfectionism. Adaptive perfectionism has more positive effects on students, less stress and less alcohol related problems compared to maladaptive perfectionism that has higher risk of stress and alcohol abuse among college students. According to the study in the article, maladaptive perfectionism as well as nonperfectionism have higher tendency for drinking to cope, as well as alcohol-related problems. This article also suggests that women tend to have higher perceived stress levels compared to men, which, according to the article, causes greater risk for drinking alcohol. However, the study did not show that women have more alcohol consumption due to stress than men. The article concludes with suggestions on how the findings of this study can help counselors, campus prevention programs and others working with students who have stress-related alcohol problems to understand the impact of stress on alcohol consumption better. According to the article, primarily it is necessary to determine the capability of a student with perfectionistic personality to adapt ones personal standards and discrepancy. Moreover, it is important to encourage perfectionist students to learn managing stress effectively through healthy means such as meditation, etc.
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