Human Overpopulation

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Human Overpopulation
Increasing human overpopulation throughout the world is one of the biggest global issues addressed in the 21st century. This concept negatively affects almost every aspect of society: extinction of plants/animals or habitats, over use of natural resources, climate change, and other environmental problems (“As World’s Human”). This continual predicament needs to be corrected by intensified human productive abilities and a global law that will stimulate positive outcomes across the world.

The problem that heightens or causes virtually every dire global problem is rapid population growth (“Human Species Threatens”). Human numbers are expected to boost almost by fifty percent. By 2050, the population is expected to reach 9.1 billion people. The growth will be apparent in existing or new cities of developing countries. Simultaneously, richer nations may lose population through a slower growth rate, due to prosperity (Viegas 143).

Immigrant Indians are sustaining Europe’s stagnant growth rate. Around the world, young women are faced with childbearing decisions that will affect the rest of their lives, and ultimately determine whether the global population stabilizes or not. Research even shows that the more educational opportunities a woman is given, the fewer children she is likely to have. Between 1960 and 2000 Kenya’s fertility rate fell from eight to five births per woman. Although in sub-Saharan Africa, fertility rates remain high due to a lack of education (Kunzig).

Eighty-four million people around the world are hungry and under nourished. Historically three basic systems make up human’s diet: oceanic fisheries, rangelands, and croplands. Today fishermen scrape the bottom of the ocean floors to catch enough because the sustainable yield limit has been met. Production of beef and mutton has tripled within the past thirty years, which has caused over grazing and lower rangeland productivity (Global Opposing View Points)....
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