Human Monster Research Paper

Pages: 2 (389 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2015
In life, we often meet people who seem inhumane. We have experiences in life that make us believe people are demons. We often define these people as Monsters. In the Oxford Dictionary the official definition of monster is “ An imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening.” In real life we know that monsters are more than just “imaginary” beings. They are in fact “typically ugly and frightening.”

An example of a human monster is someone who kills an innocent man. You think, “How could someone have the heart to kill someone especially when they have done nothing wrong?” This person is a monster because they are heartless. A heartless person doesn't care about how someone else might suffer from their personal gain. A monster
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Bullies are relentless and enjoy watching you slowly diminish and tear down. They enjoy the terrible feeling of knowing that they are hurting you, piece by piece by piece. While you suffer feeling you are worthless or guilty of something, they smile and laugh as you feel less worthy and more guilty.

The last example of a human monster is you. You may not even realize it. Whether it is that voice in your head letting it hold you back or your actual voice tearing others down in some way. That voice that is holding you back from making the decision of your life is the difference between living in misery and wonder, or pursuing what you love and having no worries about what you love. Believe or not, those little things like “Why are you so annoying?” or “ Stop wasting your time on that” are those things that cause those little voices in that person's mind. You feel some type of joy or release from being heartless, relentless, and despicable with others and that is what makes a person truly a monster.

Ultimately, the true monsters are the ones standing in front of us. The The true monsters are the voices in your head. The most terrible monster of them all is you holding yourself back or tormenting others. Those monsters are definitely real but just as frightening and

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