Human Influences on a Food Web

Topics: Trophic level, Apex predator, Temperate rainforest Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Human Influences in a Food Web

The temperate rainforest biome (specific to America) is most commonly recognised by its large and tall trees, non-seasonal vegetation, heavy rainfall and dense humidity. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing and irregularly exceed 27o C. Rainfall usually ranges from 127-165cm a year, with some rainforests occasionally receiving more [1]. At the first trophic level the producers are found, including: plants, flowers, seeds, nuts and fruit. The first order consumers, found on the second trophic level, consist of herbivores (small mammals, birds, amphibians and insects) only. On the second trophic level medium sized predators are found. The tertiary consumers at the top of the food web include large carnivores that have no natural predators.

The first trophic level of any ecosystem consists of producers. In a temperate rainforest this would include large bushes, trees, flowers, nuts and fruit which will most commonly be consumed by the first order consumers. First order consumers would include frogs, butterflies, squirrels, pikas, small birds and deer. Majority of these animals are small and are commonly consumed by larger birds, large rabbits, foxes and large reptiles. A temperate rainforest ecosystem only has a few trophic levels and third order consumers are the top predators. This trophic level is made up of all large mammals; bears, large wild felines and canines. These animals feed on basically all other organisms in the food web. Competition amongst the top predators is a commonly found thing; in this ecosystem all top predators compete for prey, usually the larger, secondary consumers including; lizards, rabbits and the larger rodents. Competition for the primary consumers is less commonly found as they are smaller and less nutrients for the top predators. [2]

Human’s negative impacts on temperate rainforests are vast and ever increasing. Human population in and around temperate rainforests is quite high due to...
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