Human Greed

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Human Greed

Most of us believe that the biggest problems in this world are poverty, armed conflicts and even global warming. Well, its not, in fact the biggest problem that we face today is human greed. Greed is an intense and selfish desire, for something. The most common type of greed, is money. Greed is the reason thiefs steal. Greed is the reason why families are being evicted and put on the streets. Greed is the reason why there are wars over precious resources. Greed is the reason why innocents are being murdered. Greed is the reason why we are drowning in debt even before we finish our education. Behind most major problems in the world, greed is the core cause such as, the collapsing economies, poverty, and even wars.

Everyday in the U.S the National Debt has continued to increase an average of $1.86 billion per day, and is currently almost 17 Trillion dollars in debt. What is causing this? Greed. How? With interest. Interest rates are so high today that on average a mortgage of a house worth $500,000 with an interest level of 4.3% over a period of 30 years, you will end up paying more than double of that. ($645,000) Therefore, in total you will be paying the bank $1,145,00.00, just to pay off your house, this is the same as the bank giving you money for one house, while you help them fund and build 2 other houses. This is a perfect example of greed that everybody is facing, and it is inevitable. The only person who benefits from this greed is the banker. These type of people, are the people that take so much away from society, foreclose properties, repo products and just control the population. Ever since the 1970’s the income of the top 1% of society has increased by 275% compared to the rest of 99% of the economy which has only increased 40-60%. Those 1% of people are the greedy people who just cannot get enough money.

Almost half the world — over 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. This is an...
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