human behavior

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Information is the life blood of an increasingly transparent world. The information-transparency cycle (I-T Cycle) is self-regulating, self-funded, and answers to no superior power. The I-T Cycle has become the most important, cybernetic (or closed loop, self-regulating) system in the history of the world. Thus, at the risk of mixing metaphors, technology has simultaneously, created an entire new landscape and become “seeing eye dog” for those who demand to know where we’ve been and where we’re going, but are unable to navigate the massive landscape alone. INFORMATION

The Information-Transparency Cycle is simultaneously an organization, an economy, and a way of life. It is both the fuel and the major mechanism of modern life. It operates independently and is answerable to no authority; but most important, it is unstoppable. In the global Information-Technology Cycle:

1. Information is instantly collected on almost every subject or activity. 2. Information is easily compiled, probed, analyzed, scrutinized, jittered, refined, prioritized, studied, stored, and manipulated. 3. Information is directly and cheaply distributed to individuals or organizations globally. 4. Reaction is immediate to what is there-or what is missing. 5. More information is demanded, no more information is collected. The global Information-Transparency Cycle is critically dependent on the ever-decreasing cost of information technology, or what authors McInerney and White, in Future Wealth, refer to as the “free fall in the cost of information”.

The Transparency Imperative
Today, information is a commodity; it is cheap and abundant, but rather than satisfying the world’s veracious information appetite, it simulates a hunger for more and more and more in fact, the demand for information has become insatiable. The fuel that drives the I-T Cycle is an endless supply of near free information. The L-T Cycle, in the endless...
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