Huck Finn 1-8 Study Guide

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Superstition, Luck Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Huckleberry Finn     Chapters 1-8
1.      What does Twain accomplish by using Huck as a narrator?  The story isn’t embellished by third parties by using Huck. He was there and he lived it.  
2.      A.How is Jim introduced?  B. What is significant about Jim’s story of the witches? C. How has Huck’s attitude towards Jim changed by chapter 8?

 Jim is in the kitchen when Huck sneaks out, almost catching him. Jim sits down waiting to hear the noise again, almost sitting on Huck and Tom. Soon he falls asleep and Tom plays a prank on him, hanging his hat on a branch. Jim tells everyone he was rode all over the world by witches. Jim changes his story every time he tells it. Huck thinks Jim is less than a man at first, but by chapter 8 he is happy to have a companion, and he senses a kindred heart in Jim.  

3.      What is Huck’s attitude towards religion.  Include examples of  characters’ words or            events.  
 Huck derides religion. In chapter 1 Huck states that hell sounds more fun than heaven. Later on he cons a religious community into giving him money to help convert his pirate friends, mocking their devotion to God.  

4.  A.  Describe Pap.  B.  Describe his attitude towards Huck.  C.  What is the irony in Pap’s fury about the educated black?   D.  What mixed emotions does Huck feel about life with his father? Pap is a shallow, dumb, drunk who beats Huck and steals his money. He hates everyone and only cares about himself. Pap is jealous of educated blacks because he sees them as inferior to himself, yet he has no education. Huck loves his freedom, which pap gives him, but he hates the abuse and harsh treatment.  

5.      A. What is the importance of Huck’s preparing his own death?  B.  Describe the sequence of his “death” and escape.  Huck wanted to escape his father and death was the only way no one would look for him. Huck used pigs blood to set a murder scene up for himself then he escapes to Jackson’s Island where he meets up with...
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