Hsm Week 5 Mid-Term

Topics: Sociology, Leadership, Ethics Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Ethical Issues in Human Services Organizations
HSM 230
Mid-Term Exam

Instructions: You will have 7 questions to complete ranging from multiple choice, short answer and T/F. Each question should be answered completely. Please download this file and add your answers to this document. Your file is to be saved as Week5Midter Last Name, First Name (ex. Week5Midterm Hardy, Siobhan). If your Exam is not saved in this manner it will not be graded.

1. A recent study of social work leaders’ from the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) resulted in five common elements that leaders defined as critical to the concept of leadership. What are those elements? How are they important to leadership in the Human Services field of work?

Answer: 1. Pro-action 2. Values and Ethics 3. Empowerment 4. Vision 5. Communication

2. Human service organizations are mandated to promote and protect the welfare of the people.

a. are requested
b. are mandated
c. have the option

Answer: b. are mandated

3. Explain in detail the difference between Transformational and Transactional Leadership Theories. Provide at least 5 distinct differences between the two.

Answer: Transactional: 1. Short term 2. Motivating through appealing to their own self-interests 3. Formal authority. 4. Responsibility in the organization 5. Motivates through rewards and punishments. Transformational: 1 Visionary 2. Inspiring. 3. Daring. 4. Risk-takers. 5. Thoughtful thinkers.

4. Name the six core values that provide the foundation for the purpose of social work.


1. Service
2. Social Justice
3. Dignity and worth of the person
4. Integrity
5. Competence

5. Describe the following moral theories…


1. Feminist: Action against oppression of any form. Collective view of what enhances a concept of a caring...
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