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Activity 1:
HRP Map – write something brief.
3 components
Each components write something
Write about key professional areas ( summary).
Part 2 of the activity is to choose one of the professional areas and comment on the activities, knowledge and behaviours. ( band 1 or 2 )

CIPD reveals HR profession map to replace old standards
By Louisa Peacock on 21 Apr 2009 in Careers in HR, CIPD, HR qualifications, Latest News, The HR profession
The CIPD has unveiled an ‘HR Profession Map’ which will replace the institute’s professional standards structure ahead of the launch of new qualifications next year.
The map is designed to help professionals become equipped with the relevant skills needed for current practise and future growth areas across HR, in preparation for an overhaul of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualifications expected to be introduced in 2010.
It recognises that people could enter the HR profession from a diverse range of backgrounds, and that career paths are more complicated now than when the original standards were set, the CIPD said.
The map contains three key elements:
Professional areas – what HR practitioners need to do and know
Behaviours – how to carry out activities, divided into four bands of competence from beginner to leadership
Bands and transitions – how to develop from one role to another, split into four bands of competence which illustrate the hierarchy of the profession.
The news comes just weeks after CIPD chief executive Jackie Orme told Personnel Todaythat CIPD qualifications will be transformed to offer HR staff a greater understanding of what drives performance in organisations.
Orme said today: “Over the next few years the profession will see new qualifications at different levels, a more flexible approach to the delivery of existing qualifications, and more personalised resources and support from the CIPD to help people plan and develop their careers at whatever level they are operating

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