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Latasha Willis
October 5, 2012
Strategy of Success
SLS 1105

Patient Care Assistant
The thing I like to do is become a Patient Care Assistant of Patient Care Technician which means the same thing. I would like to study that because it’s dealing with helping people that cannot help themselves and you have some people that can help themselves. There is nothing wrong with people needing a little help from somebody that shows they care about them a lot. You have a lot of people that cares about peoples in the society today.
The first thing you have to do is figure out the Patient Care Technicians and what they do? Patient Care Technicians work along side the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to provide their direct patient care in a variety of healthcare environments. It plays a vital role in the health care delivery setting of ten having more patient contact than any other team member that includes the doctors or the nurses. The job descriptions id assisting patients with many tasks that they can do for themselves while they are in the hospitals, the rebilitation clinics, assisting living facilities, nursing homes and or long-term care facilities. Patient Care Tech can also be called also be called a hospitals attendants, nursing assistants, certified nursing assistant, CAN clinical support associate, health care assistant and nurse’s aides among other depending on the nature of the facility.
Things that we should know about the program are that the Patient Care Tech program prepares a graduate to work as a unity-level. Patient Care Tech in a clinic, hospital, wound care centers, a long-term care facility. That gives them the opportunity to take vital signs, perform CPR and First Aid, help assist in medical examinations performing electrocardiograms, basic laboratory procedures, and phlebotomy. It is taught with a combination of lecture, practical exercises in the medical laboratory and with real-world experience during the externship

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