How We View School Bullying in America

Topics: Bullying, School bullying, Abuse Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: December 8, 2012
How we view school bullying in America
School bullying needs to stop because too many young adults are taking their own lives due to the fact that they can’t deal with the pain of being bullied. I feel that this issue needs to be resolved, because no one deserves to feel so badly about themselves to the point where they feel their not important enough or good enough to live a long healthy life. School bullying is a known type of bullying and it always occurs with education, and it can occur in or out of school. It can be emotional, verbal, or physical and when a person is being bullied or the person doing the bullying it’s usually repeated over a period of time. Bullying in schools normally consists of a group of students who tend to take advantage of one student in particular and while doing this they tend to get loyalty of other children whom are witnessing these acts being done, because those watching want to avoid becoming the next victim. Bullies are known to begin to taunt and consistently tease the person they want to target. Those type of students that are targeted in bullying are usually those known to be different than the other students in the school, while being bullied makes their situation more difficult for them to deal with in their life both in school as well as outside of school. There are many different types of bullying and they consist of physical bullying, emotional bullying, verbal bullying, cyber-bullying, sexual bullying, homophobic bullying, and also high school bullying. A person that has been bullied most of their school years tend to become depressed, having insecurity of themselves, lack of trust for others, having anger issues, and some even think about suicide. Bullies can be both sexes, they are usually pressured by their peers, and feel that they should in some way have to impress their other students, and by doing so they hurt other children to make themselves look better. You can usually figure out whom are being bullied just...
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