How to Teach Children

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 1 (464 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Agusan Colleges, Inc.
Gomez St., Butuan City
Name: MarianT. Tiempo
Course and Year: BSE IV - English
Instructor:Isidro M. Biol, Jr., Ph.D.
Date:18 August 2014
Title:The Teacher’s Role in Educating the Children
“Even on your worst day on the job,
you are still some children’s best hope.”
Definitely, as teachers everything is expected from us, especially in the field of teaching. Children soars us as a model and follow our instructions and sometimes they even obey us more than their parents’. We were once a child and share the same curiosities with them. They have lots of questions and so eager to know the answers – they can’t even wait for later. They are raw, fresh and enthusiastic. Their smiles are genuine and their cries are true. Their hearts are pure - their innocence made us smile and sometimes made us cry. Teacher as we are, we have responsibilities and obligations to uphold. And that is to teach – to teach meaningfully every single day. Part of our obligation is to introduce these young minds the 26 letters from its sounds towards letter recognition. From pre-writing activities, tracing the different lines and luckily to write those letters all by themselves. The same is through with mathematics and their art activities. As a teacher you will introduce them with many different art activities and help them engage, explore and learn. What a new world those activities bring. What a new world you as a teacher brought. Children are so vigorous in nature that sometimes you as a teacher had been pushed towards your limits. Whatever the teacher’s mode affects directly to the pupils. That is why teaching is quite complicated. It is showing your happy face and encouraging smile though in a moment something tears you inside. It is about listening and pretending to listen. Teachers in a way are great pretenders, best actress and good dancers. We must spread no error and must be careful and tactful in teaching. It is our outmost responsibility to...
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