How to Prevent Suicide

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Waking up in the middle of the night to a your phone ringing. Someone is calling you to tell you something tragic, your best friend has killed them self. A million thoughts go racing through your mind. How could they have done this? Why would they just leave you behind like this? Didn’t they see that there were so many other ways to solve their problems? You thought they had a great life and had lots to look forward to. Well that’s not how a suicidal person see’s their problems. For some people their problems just seem to keep building up until they don’t see any other way out but death. Even if their problems may seem small to you, the small things add up. There are other ways out of this deadly process, and there needs to be more suicide prevention.

Suicide rates have been rising and it is not just affecting one group of society. According to “The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that in the last 45 years, suicide rates have increased 60 percent worldwide” (Robinson). This is a problem. Not only are teenagers committing suicide, people of all ages commit suicide on a daily basis. Rita Robinson also goes on to explain that even though elderly men have usually been the most likely to commit suicide, the rate of young people committing suicide has been increasing so fast that teenagers are now, in three countries, the most likely to commit suicide.

The media is not helping reduce this rate at all. In fact “the nation is growing openly prosuicide” (“Introduction to Suicide: Current”). This source also explains how Hollywood glamorizes intentional self-harm and suicide. Hollywood creates movies with a “better dead than disabled” message, and movies create a right-to-die message to youths. This making youth think that suicide is the thing to do and it’s cool. “The current trend to rationalize and glamorize suicide will continue to move our national culture in a pro-suicide direction” (“Introduction to Suicide: Current”). With this trend the rates of suicide will continually climb until suicide is looked at as a prideful way to die, but suicide isn’t a good way to leave this earth. People could have such a good life but with this trend people will willingly die at an early age just to be cool. Even though doing this makes them unable to be around to enjoy the popularity that they gain from suicide.

Even though suicide is a trend in Hollywood, there are people that feel like they simply no longer deserve to live. No one should ever feel this way, but these are the people that actually want to end their lives and these are the lives that need the protection and suicide prevention. People that want to end their lives always give off signs to show that they feel like this. In the book, Teen Suicide the author explains some signs of suicide such as trying to commit suicide, making threats or talking about suicide, talking about death, giving away favorite things, or taking unnecessary risks such as someone who may never drink alcohol or does drugs starts to do these things. Many people who commit suicide are also depressed. “‘Clinically depressed’ means that a depressed person has a certain collection of symptoms that lasts more than two weeks” (Robinson 118). There are multiple signs of clinical depression as explained in the book Teen Suicide:

Some signs of depression: No longer taking good care of himself or herself [...], not eating regularly and losing weight; or eating all the time and gaining weight rapidly. Drinking alcohol; abusing drugs. Fighting with parents, siblings, even friends and teachers; not being able to control anger or other strong feelings. Neglecting schoolwork; failing to attend classes. Spending less time with friends and family and more time alone. Becoming undependable on a job; calling in sick day after day. (Huddle and Schleifer 25)

Even though these are just some signs, everyone shows it differently and you don’t have to show all these sign to be...
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