How to Establish an Ethical Environment in the Company

Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 5, 2013
How to Establish an Ethical Environment in the Company

Nowadays, in any working place; a trading company, school, university, etc., there are always different kinds of situation and problems that is faced daily. Only a manager with an ethical behavior would know how to deal with these circumstances. That is why companies and other working places that aim for an ethical environment should build an ethical foundation from the very start, that way they can prevent and reduce the amount of obstacles that the company would face. In any working place, the manager is always the role model for his employees. So, if a manager wants an ethical environment for his company, he got to be ethical himself. He got to watch his manners, his gestures, his movements. Ethical behavior is very important in companies, and the two behaviors that in my opinion are more important than others are honesty and confidence. To be honest and truthful to your employees is going to make you win their trust and respect. If a manager did anything related to cheating then he’s sending his employees a message that what he is doing is okay, then the employees will obviously do the same. You have to be a role model for your workers, change yourself to change the people around you. Being honest to your co-workers is going to make them more comfortable to talk and share ideas. An honestly build environment will create a relaxed and trustworthy environment. What comes with honesty is fairness, being fair is to deal with every worker in your working place with justice, giving every worker what he deserves based on his hard work and accomplishments. Always strive for fairness, don’t mess-judge a worker by what you think, and take it from his point of view and try to understand it and work it out. Don’t give the priority to one worker over another because of personal benefits; give it because they earn it. Being fair is not easy, especially if you are in a high...
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