How to Deliver a Powerful Speech

Topics: Introduction, Audience, The Guest Pages: 4 (1492 words) Published: October 24, 2012
A guest speaker is an extremely exciting addition to any event. They can serve as the highlight of events like awards banquets or ceremonies, or as an additional value to seminars and training boot camps. Guest speakers can be famous people, people who have accomplished extraordinary things or just there to present a different perspective on the subject of the event. Many times, they are hired to lighten the mood or even provide comic relief. When you introduce a guest speaker, it is important to keep their purpose in mind and behave accordingly. A guest speaker’s introduction, while it should be sweet and relatively short, can make or break their entire presentation. As the person who will be introducing the guest speaker, it is up to you to set realistic expectations for the audience and make sure that they treat your speaker with the respect and courtesy that they deserve. |

It is your responsibility to start your guest's speech off right. | The purpose of introducing a guest speaker is simple: you need to tell the audience who this person is. You can give some background on their life, including their name and some of their accomplishments when they are relevant. You should use this opportunity to build the guest speaker’s credibility with the audience. Use specific examples of background and accomplishment to show that this person knows what they are talking about and is worth listening to. For example, if you have a guest speaker at an event about real estate investing, then you might want to include (assuming that it is true, of course) that the speaker has made over 2 million dollars in real estate deals in the past year, has saved over 300 homes from foreclosure and helped the families that were losing the homes get back on their feet, or that the speaker has been in real estate investing for the past four decades. All of these things indicate that your guest speaker is a successful person who has something relevant to say to those attending a real...
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