How to Cure Racism

Topics: Racism, Race and Ethnicity, Stereotype Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Loik Mailloux Kessler
How to cure Racism
Racism is discrimination that is directed against members of a different race or culture and believing that it is better than another one. Nobody has ever experienced a world without racism, this is due to the fact that racism has been spread and present in all countries and societies around the world for centuries. Racism is often expressed through distrust or contempt for people who are different from the majority. These differences can be of physical, cultural character, or based on a different background, such as a foreign nationality. It has been a natural reaction for people to be suspicious about the things that are strange to them. Sometimes this suspicion turns into anger, frustration, or fear, which can turn people into racists very easily. Some people become racists because ever since a young age, their family and friends taught them that being racist is right. Some people become racist because of something bad that happened to them by someone of a different race than them, such as a fight or a robbery. Some people simply listen to the media and take the attitudes that they see on television and on the radio and think that all of a particular race is a certain way. That right there is stereotyping to its fullest. Where racism is present, so are racial stereotypes. Racial stereotypes are one of the most hurtful forms of racism. People can say racial stereotypes to someone and get away with it simply because of how popular they all are and how often they are said and used by people. Racism is one of the world’s greatest problems. It is one of the many reasons why world peace is non-existent today. Many people in our society have tried to find ways to eliminate racism but have met with very limited, if any, success. There are a number of methods that the government could employ to attempt to eliminate racism from our country. Campaigns promoting more multi –cultural events and celebrating the differences...
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