How to Become a Great Leader

Topics: Management, Goal, Reflections Pages: 5 (1500 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Article Review: Are you a Good boss or a great one?
By Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback
Submitted by Dominic Jenks Leadership & Management Development, Module 2 – 17th September 2012

In summary Hill and Lineback outlined in this article why the majority of managers will remain as a good boss. Hill and Lineback explained their views / ideas on how they believe a manager can become a great boss using the 3 main imperatives on becoming a great boss; manage yourself, manage your network and manage your team. The research highlighted below suggests most companies have managers which would fall into different levels of competencies. I would contend with this article and agree with the points outlined. Capabilities of an organisation’s management team






Most Managers Stop Working on Themselves; Hill and Lineback believe through their extensive research with various managers, most organisations will have managers in each of the above 5 categories. However it is my contention if you want your organisation to become successful, buoyant and to be around for the long term you will have to strive to have all managers in the Capable to Great sectors. I believe the Barry Group is interested in developing the management team as we are presently completing a programme in Leadership. This article focuses on the manager themselves and how it is the goal of each manager to develop personally and to take responsibility. Personally I have not asked myself “How good am I?” or “Do I need to better?” As managers we are expected to deliver short terms goals and very little time to reflect on how good a manager you are. Hill and Lineback believe that many managers stop making progress because they simply “don’t know how to”. This article has highlighted the importance to reflect on my manager capabilities.

Do you understand what’s required to become truly effective? Leadership is using you as an instrument to get things done in the organisation, which is about self –development. However this process can be long and very reflective. As the start of each financial year we all agree goals and objectives which impact the financial side of the business. We also look at career planning on how

this could help benefit us in the achievement of our goals. As a company we don’t review the capabilities of each manager. I believe like the authors of this article that this cannot be taught or trained but this can only be achieved by continuous review, seeking feedback and reflection.

Do you understand what you’re trying to attain? As mentioned by the authors it is a fact that most managers are disorganised, fragmented and even chaotic. I would agree with this statement and I would find my role to be more reactive than proactive because of the business environment we operate within. As a manager it is important to know where you and your team are going and want to be in the future. On reflecting this point I found that as individuals we all have goals and objectives and knew what we needed to achieve. As a manager you are responsible for the performance of the team so you must ensure that your team can trust you and that you can influence them with your actions and capabilities. As per Hill and Lineback state to influence others you must make a difference not only in what you say but also the thoughts and feelings that drive these actions. To achieve the authors suggest an integrated way of thinking using the following approach which they call the three imperatives: Manage yourself. Manage your network. Manage the team.

Manage Yourself Leaders have followers so therefore management begins with the manager as each subordinate will be influenced by their manager’s actions, believes and values and trust. When reflecting on this I asked myself am I somebody who can influence others productively I would agree I have the capacity to influence others. However I would need to be aware of how I act...
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